School of International Studies

About the School of International Studies

the school of international studies was established in 2004. there are more than 1800 enrolled students currently. we are certified by ministry of education of the people’s republic of china to collaborate with foreign universities, providing our students opportunities to study abroad and earn degrees from both huanghe s&t college and the affiliated university. the school has signed agreements with shorter college, usa on 2+2 undergraduate program, and established an affiliated institute with institute of technology tralee, ireland. the school has developed extensive cooperation with universities from usa, canada, uk, germany, france, australia, russia, belorussia, and japan.

ag真人网the school creates an energetic and dynamic academic environment. we have excellence in management. the management team values innovation and creativity, and international focus. we have a group of excellent teaching staff, including professors and associate professors, and experts from usa, uk, australia, canada and new zealand. we address significant theoretical and practical challenges and develop students a clear career orientation.

ag真人网the school is equipped with art-of-state multimedia rooms, computer labs, seminar rooms, gym, av studios and digital library. we aim to provide a student-friendly interactive and well-supported environment.

Our Mission

ag真人网■ our faculty strives to bring advanced educational resources from the world’s leading universities into our classrooms.

■ the school introduces students to different cultures, encouraging them to view the world from a global perspective.

■ we develop students’ practical skills and broaden their career opportunities, ensuring our graduates are prepared for employment or further study.

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